My first blog post since I started travelling. After spending a week in Malaga getting familiar to the Spanish life my mini tour started this week, first stop Barcelona. 

I arrived on the Friday giving me time to get to the Forum and meet up with people for the Extreme Barcelona event. I arrived as the inline warm up session was in full swing to see a couple of Londoners and Cerveza’s, perfect start to the week. The weather was hot most of the weekend we were hit with one afternoon of rain and thunder so the finals were all put off until Sunday. The entire weekend was amazing. The girls contest was exciting with a triple nationality taking the final podium. UK Seba rider Rosie O’Donoghue took 1st, 2nd Manon Derrien (France) and 3rd place Eve Jovino (Spain). The men’s final round was so dope to watch in a forum filled crowd. The energy was electric! All of the riders competing presented solid runs with big tricks making the most of the busy park under the hot Barcelona sun. I live streamed the Men’s pro finals; if you haven’t seen it already you can still do so thanks to the wonders of Facebook.

For the first few nights I stayed close to Forum and went out most evenings for street Cerveza’s, food and chill. Since moving to Spain I’ve been so tired, I need to learn to siesta if I want to stay up past midnight! Got to have a picnic and chill at Marbella and swim in the sea (after accidentally finding the nudist beach). After we had a late night skate at Marbella and headed out to Badalona to stay with Yuri and Javiera for the last few days. 

Badalona is cool, it’s just outside the city so not as full of ‘giddys’ and other madness, but local vibes and graffiti everywhere. My kind of spot. 10 minute skate to la playa, veggie shops and bars everywhere. On our last day we cruised down to the Nike SB Agola Skatepark on Badelona beach for a little session (which was cut short due to staff asking us to leave… Skateboarding only they said, the park was empty)!

It was great to see old faces, have a skate with friends at new places and live the Barca life by the beach. I did use 2 rolls of film on my camera, can’t wait to get those developed! I’ll have a plan at the end of my mini tour for all those, stay tuned…

Thank you Yuri, Javiera, Blake, Nat, Alex, Chow and the rest of the rollerblading familia!

Off to Roskilde for 10 days of Denmark, rollerblading, music and tent life! 



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