Since hanging out at Roskilde with Duth bladie and lens wiz, Bibiche Klaassen, I’ve wanted to do a feature post on my blog. A few years ago I met Bibiche as she just started skating, Since then I’ve watched her grow into a lovely, kind young lady who’s not only loves to blade, but is also in love with the lens! This year marked the 4th year Bibiche has worked for the Winterclash volunteers team, and really knows how to capture the personality and moment from each photo, another reason I wanted to share her work.

I asked Bibiche to share her thoughts on what Winterclash means to her and a few words about her Polaroid view.


“For me winterclash is getting together with my family and friends. I love to see everyone again and make new friends.

I made a lot of pictures of my friends but also a couple of the vollunteers and of course of Jojo. This was my 4th year of volluntering and I enjoy doing it. Winterclash for me is a happy place and memory that I don’t want to end!”

“The polaroid with confetti I like a lot because it looks like a fun ending. I like the Joe Atkinsons’ because they made a tradition.”

“Oh and the one you see with the rollin is when they were doing flips again haha. Also the Locoskates shop is amazing with the neon sign.”


Thank you Bibiche for sharing your experience and polaroids with us! I look forward to seeing more over the next year…






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