I’ve got to start by asking about the title, SOBER…. Care to elaborate on that?

That’s hard to answer. It’s extremely ironic, being as though the majority of the video was filmed, and skated, under the influence of Holstens and piff. And a whole fucking lot of Holstens at that. Drinking has become a whole part of the skate tradition with the lads here.

There is never a session without the sound of a tin cracking at any one moment. So in that sense it’s totally ironic. Personally, Sober to me is an end of an era of getting too fucked up. I’m attending IRIS which is a treatment service for addiction in my town to help me stop boozing my life down the drain. So yeah. There is the light hearted sarcastic side to the title Sober, and the darker, realer side to it.

You’re a very humble charitable guy, your last VOD ‘Alex Burston – Days & Nights in London’ raised over an incredible amount of £400 CENTREPOINT, a charity for the young homeless. What influenced you to choose MIND this time?

My mind has deteriorated over the past 5 years or so, due to alot of shit going on in my personal life. It’s gotten me into some really shitty situations. So choosing MIND was a bit of a no brainer. They also help people suffering with addiction, cause it kinda goes hand in hand. Just donated £68 this morning though the first sales of Sober overnight which is great 🙂

Your editing and trademark filming style is iconic and continues to inspire the community. Unlike fashion and other industries, technology seems to be always moving forward in terms of innovation but somehow you seem to evolve the style from within skating by sticking to the old school ways, why do you choose to keep producing epic videos this way?

Why change something if it aint broken? I can’t really answer that question better haha

You’ve been working on DIRTBOX projects for some years now, describe your experience filming with the riders in 3 words!

Having fucking fun! 

It might be abit early to ask after months of stressing, editing, filming, editing and more editing… but were all already dying to know what’s next from Jon lee?!

Nothing. Well, not for the forseeable future. I no longer own any cameras. Trying to get my life back on track, then maybe i might do something. Who knows 🙂 Thanks!



Featuring sections from Elliot Stevens, Neil Ingall, James Bower, Umberto Toselli and more.

Buy the VOD here – with £1 form every purchase being donated to MIND and the first 50 purchases will also receive the exclusive DIRTBOX SOBER pin badge!
Thank you Jon!


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