This weekend I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the premier of the most anticipated skating video of the year, State Of The Art (SOTA) by Jonas Hansson.

The premier was absolutely amazing. Jonas spent a lot of time traveling the world with select riders filming specifically for this video including Howie Bennet, Josh Glowicki, Kirill Galushko, Montre Livingston, Yoichiro Kanashima, Yuto Goto, David Sizemore, Joe Atkinson, Albert Hooi and more.

The skating is on another level, memorable tricks from everyone who featured but mostly for me was Joe Atkinson, Eugen Enin and David Sizemore. You can see the filming is only Jonas standards, if you’ve seen any of his work before you know to expect nothing less than perfection, from lens to screen.

I had the pleasure to host the lovley Jonas Hansson during the Manchester stop in his SOTA filming tour with Albert Hooi. Such a humble, creative guy with nothing but chill and good vibes. He even washed the dishes which is 100 extra points in my house. I had a good time with these guys skating around the city, making penny my bombs and cooking good food. I love the clip during the Manchester section featuring Sammy Garland, Alex Burston and myself skating in the full pipe, I remember all trying to squeeze in and skate without wiping each other out – good times!

That last trick though! Jonas teased us 3/4 of the way through the film with a sneaky clip of David Sizemore standing at the top of an impressive spiral staircase eyeing up the rail, the clip cut out and continued to show the rest of the film until the end… You could feel everyone lift out of their seats when the last trick came on the screen, we’d all seen the teaser clip and this was it… David fucking Sizemore. What a G.

Shot between February – November 2015 on the Sony F5 Cinema Camera across 10 different countries and over 20 cities. Jonas really had his work cut out for him, show your gratitude and support by downloading your copy of  SOTA for 50min+ of pure cinematic rollerblading bliss.

Well done Jonas, what a great way to start the new year – 2016 is going to be good for rollerblading. Next up, the Manchester Video premier next week.




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