French rollerblading lifestyle brand, ARCENA have just released images of their new line for Spring 2016. The new collection features a range of carefully selected garments infused with a filming theme carrying the ARCENA branding throughout. My favourite pieces from the collection have to be the black ‘Anniversary 10’ long sleeve featuring timestamp graphics and the Ladies line ‘Sweat Dress’ & ‘Tank Top’.

I had a quick catch up with David Aubert from ARCENA for a short chat about the brand and the release of the new collection..


Hey David, hows it going? I started noticing the infamous ARCENA wolf spread across the rollerblading scene though-out 2015, Tell us a little bit about the brand and your ‘vision’…
Hi Laura, I am always fine, thanks. ARCENA was created by Mourad LEUCHI ( Ex French Pro Razors 1998/99 ) in late 2005. This brand is integrated into Freestyle Inline Skating, Street’Art and Music, it is formed of Activists. It offers a collection of T-Shirts, Sweatshirt, Caps and Beannie and strongly wishes to highlight the lifestyle that surrounds each Activist of the brand.


I am passionate about blading and fashion since I was a kid so it’s natural that I started to work for ARCENA. I left my old job in a Apple reseller store there are 2 years ago to put me unployement and can concentrate myself 100% to the brand.

For this year, we wanted to give new impetus to the brand by exploiting the advantage side of Street culture and also to get the money elsewhere and returned into Blading. It’s hard work but we cross our fingers.

When it comes to the Ladies wear, other rollerblading lifestyle brands don’t pay as much attention to the design, style and unique fit for the Ladies in the rollerblading world so naturally I’m loving this line. How did the design and fitting process compare to the regular Mens line, and more importantly… will you keep designing for Ladies?
Manon DERRIEN has been with us for many years now and we made only exclusive products for her, so it was time to launch it. With a growing number of bladies, we had to respond to their requests and in order to integrate shops out blading. 

For the designs, we present a wide fit tank top made from 100% combed organic cotton in 2 colours and 2 dresses, because girls remove their skates, girls also love to dress other than t-shirts and pants.

Thanks for taking time out to have a quick chat. Looking forward to catching up at Winterclash. Is there thing else you’d like to add?
Thanks to you, to all the Activists and all peoples who support us from the beginning. See you at Clash.



It’s been a while since the ladies in the rollerblading scene have received enough attention and investment from a clothing brand to produce a suitable style for the girls without being too on top like a cringe crop top or stereotypical slutty shirt. Let’s face it, Ucon were the only brand who even came close for me, but as we know they have moved on from the rollerblading scene into the big wide lifestyle world (and are doing pretty well may I add!)

As you can see the ladies fit on the garments are loose and relaxed which is the first things you want when skating. Arcena are one of the only rollerblade companies currently paying attention to the ever growing ladies comminity in rollerblading; making not only stylish but comfortable pieces. Can’t wait to see SEBA Skates and Arcena rider, Manon Derrien reppin’ the ladies range. Thank you Manon!

Check out the full collection available from March to buy at your local skate shop or direct from the Arcena shop.

Lookbook pics shot by Fred Bukowski
Look book video Directed by Franck Trozzo Kazagui
Produced by ArcenaCinematography: Yanik Clatot


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