“There’s so much pressure on us to be always rational, calm and sensible: it’s time also to say a word about the essential normality of a little madness…”

I am no guru or life teacher but we all go through situations which get the better of you. I know I’m not the only one who has been there, it’s okay to get down to build back up. Things have to fall apart to be rebuilt. I watched a documentary called ‘Wild China’ tonight, I learnt that some bamboo plants don’t flower for up to 300 years, when they eventually do its insanely beautiful! After the blossom the entire plant dies in order to regrow itSELF. I laughed a little when I really realised and the penny dropped. 

We are raised in a world to be ‘normal’ by getting a good job, always wanting more money keeping up modern appearances in an attempt to please other people around us. We are being churned in an eternal digestive system of stress and ego forever searching for something more on the outside until we find what’s really inside. What do we do when the pressures of life build up? Let’s face it, life is what it is.. We go through different shit physically, mentally and emotionally, leaving you broken but it’s all good!

You have to find take control and figure out how to get that mind on the road again. You loose touch with your ‘self’ when you attach your expectations of happiness to other people. You must find a place of happiness where you can love yourself and be happy, then share abit of that with other people. 

Go adventure!

This video by The School of Life point to the seemingly obvious but the easily forgotten: “No good life can or should go by without a few quite open incidents of complete breakdown. Moments when we pull up a white flag and declare ourselves simply unable to cope or fulfill any of our normal functions for a time.”

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Not my normal blog post I know, I’m glad to have shared my thoughts with you. 

See you on my journey – peace! X


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