R.I.P Bones skatepark, the place I made my back garden for 7 years, ripped my PCL, made friends and met Alex Burston..

The legendary BONES Skatepark closed it’s doors forever a few months ago. The skatepark acted as a training ground for many of South Manchester’s finest rollerbladers, skateboarders, BMX and scooters over the years. The park had many owners over the years in their attempts to keep the skatepark open as well as a few different skate shops come and go over the years, but the most memorable for many must be the NOTE and UKSKATE shops.

I left home at 16/17 to move up to Manchester (Stockport) so I could skate more. I found a little house share and a full-time job right round the corner from the park, life was sweet! We used to have a huge weekly gathering called TNS (Tuesday night skate) which  helped me learn so many tricks and meet new skaters. Bones also used to put on night time events such as lock-ins and Herbal Sessions parties (mini raves) – I met so many people through Bones skatepark and created wonderful memories and friends. A lot of people kept Bones going on life support when a lot of other gave up, this kept the kids spirit’s high and the skating community of Stockport alive.

A few months ago, we went down for the last ever session at bones before Stevie locked the doors for the last time. Featuring skating from Matty Vella Brados Beepho Brandon English Reubens Chris Laffey Sam Garland Laura Hemming Steve Lovell and Owen Peters.

1990 something to 2015

Filmed by Karl Garland and Alex Burston
Edited by Alex Burston




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