After a few days of recovery I’ve finally found the time to get this post ready – this weekend has been pretty hectic but amazing! It all started last week, Korey Waikiki arrived Monday followed by London boysies Blake Bird and James Bower on Tuesday. I knew the flat was going to be busy so I tried to prepare in advanced with extra quilts and space to store and move about. Razors riders Yuri Botelho and Dave Mutschall arrived Thursday in time for a sick street skate with the Manchester locals in Stockport, it was the most rollerbladers I’ve ever seen in Stockport at one time!


As Saturday dawned it was a relief to see we’d been blessed with one of Manchester’s beautiful 20°C sunny days! The atmosphere started to thicken as riders began to session and the crowd was drawn in. There were many riders from all over the UK but it was great to see faces from further ashore like Cali, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Ireland and more coming to support the 2nd Annual MCR Street Jam at Castelfield Arena.

The Jam kicked off in jam style heat on the bottom ledges with the extra grind box (thanks to Owen & Sam Peters). As the finals started, the level of skating stepped up as hammers started getting laced on the notorious Castlefield handrail, the initiation rail in many of Manchester’s great street skaters. The jam went on for a few hours drawing in crowds of random passers by and families. Great exposure for the rollerblading world!

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get very many decent pictures myself, luckily 2 of the UK’s top blading photographers were on hand to save the day. Thanks to Adam Kola and Duncan Clarke – check out some of their shots below. Actually the first photo is mine, that’s me taking a picture of Andrew Tunney‘s polaroid the moment Yuri landed 540 True Mizou down the rail… good vibes!

jam alex kev A11Q4715Dan COllinsyuri

The Prize giving was great, amazing to see so many smiling (and sweaty) faces. One other surprise for the riders thanks to MINIRIG was that 1st/2nd/3rd didn’t receive a traditional trophy, but a personalised MCR Street Jam MINIRIG Speaker! Not only that but thanks to Tattoo Studio IX top 3 and James Keyte also won themselves some ink!

Final Results:
1st  Yuri Botelho
2nd  Dave Mutschall
3rd  Dan Collins

Bonus prizes:
Niko Salaman – Razors Scott Quinn signature pro skate
James Keyte – palm sized tattoo from StudioIX Manchester!


Massive shout to everyone who came down! Huge effort from Alex and Jam went into planning and organising this event, it wouldn’t have been possible without them, all the sponsors, the Peters brothers and everyone who came down on the day – thank you!

For now I’ll leave you with a mixed set from Duncan Clarke and Adam Kola.
Til’ next year…..

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