I caught up with good friend and local MCR/Barcelona boysie, Nick Lomax for a quick 5 question interview all in good timing with the release of his latest Locoskates edit. Nick was recently out in Istanbul and only managed to get 1 day’s worth of session footage due to one of the knarliest slams I’ve ever seen!



Last time I saw you was at NASS, where have your travels taken you since then?
How doo, Since Nass i came home to Barcelona, Then to Copenhagen, Istanbul and back home.

Tell us about a typical Barcelona day in the life of Nick Lomax from morning cuppa routine to bedtime…
It all depends on the time of the year really. In the winter its wake up, Deal with breakfast and message the crew to see were we are going skating, head out all day filming and then back home, sometimes all cook together and have a few drinky poo’s then off to kimbo. In the summer its way different, its way to hot to skate until around 4-5 so a really chill morning with a nice lie in.. then off to those mountains to film. Always lots of people visiting in the summer so the day would be the same but end batshit drunk.
You cater for alot of rollerbladers and boysies at your pad who are passing through BCN, any funny/memorable/embaressing stories to share?
Had loads of people over this year and tons of stories but hard to think of one. Id said the weirdest one was me Dano and Ricky out on the beach by the clubs, some idiot through a glass bottle out the club and smashed all over the sand. As we dont ever have shoes just liners from skates, i stood on some glass and cut my foot pretty bad, so i limped down to the sea to wash it.. when i came back Ricky was white as a ghost, he’d cut his arm on some glass and passed out for a few seconds, whilst Dano was trying to help him, Dano stood on some glass in the same part as me but worse.. Then it was bad times for all.

We’ve all just seen the latest edit from yourself and Jacob Juul sporting the new USD AEON skates through Copenhagen, and the Fothon Emotion Wheels edit – how do you balance aggressive skating with powerblading
Well thats just all about speed or tricks.. and i love both of them, no better feeling than lacing a really sick aggressive trick, the same with flying down a mountain skitching cars and being free to roll were you wanna.

EURGH! Scott just showed me the picture of your gammy hand with a finger pretty much hanging on by a thread… what happened?!
Yeah it was nasty, got my pinky caught in a skate box whilst away in istanbul, Tore my finger up and was a nasty sight. wrapped it up in my Arcena t-shirt and drove around istanbul for 4 hours to find a surgeon to stick it all back together. Finally we found a hospital that could do it and i spent the night there and got 3 hour awake surgery in the morning. Not the best start to the day but was so good to know im not losing my pinky. i have to thank Alphan, Sinan and Caner for saving me and going through a very stressful night. they saved my pinky!


Thanks Nick – love you homie, see you soon bredbin!
Thanks Lemonn



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