the London greeting at its very best --p-1292
Back in July I made my way down to NASS Festival to hang with some of the best UK rollerbladers and play social media Queen B with Kingdom Magazine. I wrote an event article about the festival to accompany some pretty awesome shots by Sam Cooper for Be-Mag which was a lot of fun. If you haven’t read it yet, check the full article over on Be-Mag’s website.

What can I say about Sam Cooper, he is one of the best and also one of my favourite photographers in the scene, not only for his action shots but his natural lifestyle images which capture that perfect unexpected expression of people faces and movements. It’s best when you don’t know someone is taking a photograph, sometimes the best shots are the most natural when you don’t know the lens is on you… nice work Sam!

When it comes to NASS there is so much to tell, and some things best left untold haha. Mr. Cooper and myself decided to bring together what we believe to be the best images of the ‘Faces of NASS’ to focus more on the lifestyle side of the Blade family. This year’s activities went in full swing as it stayed fairly dry all for most of the weekend which meant one very important annual contest could take place… ‘THE ANNUAL LEON HUMPHRIES X LOCOSKATES BEER PONG INVITATIONAL’! An event obviously not to be missed and is at the top of the list for many in the UK rollerblading community.

the First Lady of British Rollerblading setting up-1333 Youngens -1420That Other Guy-1230 True Love-1317 Winner-1392 Sammy-1466Motty getting the low down from the champs-1499Thats prob bad-1295The Barron-1372Champers Baby!-1483 Eye Spy-1304 Fuck-1366 Gotcha!-1138 Morning Stretch Game strong or salmons in the sun?-0994 O'Dear-1275 That face-1146 That guy-1239Vert Gods-1068
This has got to be one of my favourites… Amazing parenting from Alex and myself, love ya Sammy G – haha !

the sweet taste of victory-1498
Sam now has an instagram dedicated solely to his photography @samcooperphoto – be sure to go check it out along with his impressive flickr account.

Thanks Sam for the awesome shots, Kingdom Magazine and NASS Festival!

See y’all next year!



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