Last July I ruptured my PCL skating Bones Skatepark on what felt like such a simple fall. At the time I was skating Kizer Level frames with 72mm flat set up, came off a 270 back unity abit dodgey and caught my wheels which resulted in the bottom half of my left leg being twisted round pretty hard.

I knew instantly that something wasn’t right, but couldn’t feel a brake so thought I maybe inflamed the tissue around my knee or something. It was the day of the MCR Street Jam and we had guests over, so naturally I wanted to stay out and play host. I took a load of pain killers, got a knee support from Jon Fromm (thanks dude) and went out to party – which I regretted when I woke up in agony. It was the weirdest pain, the only way to try describe the feeling is like your knee is a weak piece of elastic, and its painful! I decided it was time to visit A&E…

At first the doctors thought I just sprained and bruised my knee, but after a few day of pain I went back to see a specialist and later had an MRI scan to confirm I’d completely ripped my PCL and damaged my miniscus; I was gutted. My specialist gave me a knee brace (thank you NHS!) and advised me not to skate too aggressively, if I did I wouldn’t be able to push it like before. I felt so bored of not skating! Everyone was at comps and skating street..  I was just tryin to stay sane when I heard rollerblades haha! 

I thought it would be a similar treatment to ACL damage, I’d watched friends like Jenna Downing and Joey Egan go through ACL injuries and were offered surgery to help reconstruct the ligaments back in place. Turns out it’s not the same with PCL because it’s located behind other ligaments so to get to it would cause more damage. I was advised steady rehabilitation through weekly Physiotheraphy to build up the muscles around the injury and compensate for the lack of stability.  1 year on and I’m feeling much more confident and stable but still cautious. With regular Physio, eating well, great support from Alex and advice from friends like Jakey Eley, Nils and Leo Oppenheim I’ve been able to get back on my skates again. Good timing when the Ground Control Big Frame came out too; now I had an easy groove but still kept my 72mm set up. Thanks to my sports knee brace I felt confident with my knee enjoying chilled skating again! Alex got a few little clips at Bones earlier this year and got his editing skills on.  

I know I’m no X-Games superstar, but I fuckin’ love rollerblading and wanted to share this with you. 

If you’ve got a PCL injury don’t sweat it! You’ll be fine in good time. Take it easy and slowly strengthen your other muscles with regular Physio and the right exercise. Eat good and stretch loads! Get a good knee support and know your limits. You’ll be reet! 

So here’s to a positive recovery with a little edit after a year of knee struggle. Just a few chilled clips from BONES Skatepark in Stockport (R.I.P). 

Also I can do a cool wobbly shin party trick now! 

Thanks Alex Burston for my little edit. 




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