We all remember making those treasure maps dipped in old tea and splattered with coffee thinking how legit they looked, well take a look at these magnificent coffee adaptations. Indonesian artist Ghidaq al-Nizar has taken coffee painting to a next level. His canvases are unorthodox as he paints on leaves, plates and uses unique techniques by using coffee grounds in his creations.

He has created his own hashtag and calls his work #zerowastecoffee because he usually paints it with his left over morning brew, making sure that nothing goes to waste. After browsing through his instagram I’ve also seen some latte foam art which is very interesting and must take great skill (and patience not to drink it all).

Take a look at some more of his work below. My favourites have to be the ‘face statue / man and his moon’ and the ‘fingerprint fetus’  just to warn you his work will make you crave coffee!

Follow Ghidaq on Instagram and Facebook to see more of his amazing work.


coffee-painting-leaf-grounds-ghidaq-al-nizar-coffeetopia-30coffee-painting-leaf-grounds-ghidaq-al-nizar-coffeetopia-42 coffee-painting-leaf-grounds-ghidaq-al-nizar-coffeetopia-40 coffee-painting-leaf-grounds-ghidaq-al-nizar-coffeetopia-28 coffee-painting-leaf-grounds-ghidaq-al-nizar-coffeetopia-11 coffee-painting-leaf-grounds-ghidaq-al-nizar-coffeetopia-35 coffee-painting-leaf-grounds-ghidaq-al-nizar-coffeetopia-10 coffee-painting-leaf-grounds-ghidaq-al-nizar-coffeetopia-21 coffee-painting-leaf-grounds-ghidaq-al-nizar-coffeetopia-4 coffee-painting-leaf-grounds-ghidaq-al-nizar-coffeetopia-37 coffee-painting-leaf-grounds-ghidaq-al-nizar-coffeetopia-8 coffee-painting-leaf-grounds-ghidaq-al-nizar-coffeetopia-26 coffee-painting-leaf-grounds-ghidaq-al-nizar-coffeetopia-34

via BoredPanda


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