A brand new outdoor concrete street plaza is opening this Saturday 18th July at Adrenaline Alley in Corby!

Concreate skateparks and Adrenaline Alley have been working tirelessly over the last few months to bring us an awesome new section to shred/ride/skate/roll!

It is an all day event running from 12pm-9pm with plenty of events and stuff going on to keep you busy! Get down this weekend to shred the new concrete section with exclusive giveaways throughout the day, get involved in jam sessions and pro riders like Alex Burston, Stephen Swain, Cam Peake and more will be there showcasing their skills!


Artwork byTron Karton – check out more of his work via the links below.

I havn’t been to Corby skatepark in about 5 years? I grew up skating Y2SK8 in Peterborough, so not long after it closed Corby was our closest indoor park. Since then it has grown from a humble small indoor skatepark to a monster including vert and resin ramps, now they unleash the outdoor concrete plaza.

Shouts to Kristine Lacontra for making it possible for us to come down and being an absolute Lordette! 

See you this weekend – bring your possy/bring your crew!


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