Ground Control 600 seriesGround Control Frames have just announced the introduction of their latest rollerblade frame innovation…the Ground Control 6000 Series Frame, that’s right a freeskate frame!

I can’t wait to get my hand on a pair of these, if you know me then you’ll know that I haven’t skated regular frames in well over a year. Last year I went to BCN to join Alex and the Ground Control boys filming for the FL3 frame, Lomax gave me an old pair of Kizer Levelz frames to shred around Barcelona and it changed me forever. Being a lover of speed, big air and agility I instantly felt at one with the powerblade set-up. Since then I’ve adapted the GC Big frames as my weapon of choice and they’re perfect for me, but now it’s time to evolve my game with the GC 6000 series. They would make a perfect secondary freeskate/powerblade set-up!FSK frameThe UFS frame is constructed from airplane grade 6061 T6 aluminum which the same alloy found in construction of aircrafts, AR-15 Rifles, pistols and the famous Pioneer Plaque we sent to space in the 70’s. Weighing in at only 90 grams, it’s a super lightweight but strong and reinforced metal which is perfect for a freeskate frame.

There is no H-block on the new 6000 series which allows the frame stay lightweight, reinforce construction, encourage maneuverability and to fit up to 80mm wheels!

Get your Ground Control 6000 Series Freeskate frames from rollerblade shops and such as!

Filmed and Edited by Ulysse Prom

Recommended Wheels:

Go Project 76mm – a precise, high quality professional standard wheel for people of all abilities from beginners to high performance skaters.
Go Project
GC 80 mm/85A

GC 80 mm pair

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