Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last year, you’ll be well aware of the new ground-breaking Rollerblading game currently in development by Jelle Van and the ‘On A Roll’ team. Earlier this year at Winterclash we were given a sneak peak and the opportunity to play the demo game during it’s early progress…and it’s next level!

We all remember playing Tony Hawk’s Pro skater as kids, in that dirty that old hanger with the helicopter thinking… why can’t this be on rollerblades? After the success of ‘Rolling’ on PS2 back in 2002, the rollerblading gaming community slowly lost interest as it struggled to keep up with the modern evolution of the gaming world. It’s a tough (and very expensive) market to compete and develop something new… until now!

‘On A Roll’ takes the creative aspects of technology to form the most impressive rollerblading game we have ever seen, You can travel around the dopest spots on the map, play as your favourite pro riders, including female riders like Seba’s own Manon Derrien!


Back the campaign here to help support more staff to develop the game to be the best it can be, more of your favourite pro riders and play a vital part in realising one the most amazing rollerblading experiences to date! Backing the early bird minimum pledge amount (for as little as $15) offers a digital copy of the game + access to the current prototype of the game as soon as the campaign finishes successfully!


“Creative Concepts’ team member Jelle Van den Audenaeren has a long history of working in the movie industry. Over the past 11 years he has worked on several 3D animation movies as a senior lighting artist, shading artist, character modeler, texture artist and pipe line programmer. Jelle also has a lot of experience with rollerblading, almost 20 years!

His skills and passion for rollerblading have set him on a mission to bring you the rollerblading video game everyone has been dreaming…”


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