aaaaaRussian paper artist and illustrator Talamaska has created her own series of paper illustrations of “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland” by L.Carroll.

The Paper artist/illustrator/graphic designer from Moscow initially designed 5 of Alice’s paper-cuts that were shown at the first personal exhibition in Moscow in 2013. A few years past but in 2015 Talamaska was still obsessed with the story and the creations so decided to create a second series to see the story from a few different angles.

My favourites have to be The Cheshire Cat & The Mad Tea Party from the 1st series, and The Queen Of Hearts from the 2nd series, but all equally as impressive and complex!

2 0 1 3  –  T h e   F i r s t  C o l l e c t i o n

paper-cuttings-all-about-alice-adamova-marina-2All-about-Alice3__880 All-about-Alice5__880 All-about-Alice14__880 paper-cuttings-all-about-alice-adamova-marina2

All-about-Alice15__880“That’s where my way as paper artist started. There were three things I liked the most: sharp knife I use, second meaning in fairytales and symbolism in illustration.”

2 0 1 5  –  T h e   S e c o n d   C o l l e c t i o n

paper-cuttings-all-about-alice-adamova-marina-1All-about-Alice8__880 All-about-Alice12__880

Go check out more work from Marina Adamova aka Talamaska including more galleries and exhibitions on her design website.


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