Nils Jansons AKA Nils Kills just landed his first pro wheel for BHC, I caught up with the Latvian killer for an exclusive interview on the release of his new wheel.

As with the Burston, the new The Nils x Kills BHC pro wheels are constructed from improved clear urethane on a new reinforced clear core to help eliminate core stretching while still providing a fast, smooth ride. Nils’s wheel is slightly bigger than the Burston at a steady 58mm crested with the signature Nils graphics by Janis Zalitis.
Nils Jansons x Alex Burston
First off, congratulations on your new BHC Pro wheel! The graphics are dope, tell us what you think of the new improved materials and core construction?
Thank you Laura. Yes, I’m very happy about how it all turned out. Big thanks to my good buddy designer Jānis Zālītis. And I’m very excited that my first pro wheel is with improved materials. It is just a really sick wheel with strong core and good urethane. Best I could ask for.

You came over to the UK last year for some skating time with Alex and to compete at Laced, what do you like most about the UK?
Yes, it’s been always great times in Uk. The blading family is amazing there. So many good skaters and good friends from there. The most I like is the rollerbladers from UK.

Rollerblading has taken you all over the world, but what was your favourite tour so far?
I guess I will say Texas tour filming for Ground Control and REMZ. It’s been the longest tour of my life and it was with my favourite people and with the best spots. Just loved everything about it and I got see America. Definitely want to go back and see more.

Any tours or trips planned for 2015?
Yes. Here and there. Going around Europe. I won’t tell exact plans yet, but if you follow my actions then you will see me going around.

Being part of a talented family, do you have any other interests other than rolling?
I like playing golf and tennis. As well always have fun stepping on a skateboard.

I know last year you tore your ACL the same time I did my PCL, tell us about your road to recovery after surgery… any tips to share with other skaters who may encounter the same injury?
Keep your legs strong. Now I take better care of my body then ever. It took time and sure patience, but It was good challenge for myself mentally and physically. Daily exercises from day one after surgery and so on for 6 months. Now I’m still going for runs and doing exercise to work on my legs strength. But now I’m back on blades and feeling great. Best tip is to take time for every injury to heal good and then take time to get back slowly. Everything takes time, so be patience, do what you can do to get better and good things will come. Hope your legs are strong as well.

Thanks Nils! See you soon Mate.
Thank you Laura for this. See you soon and have a good day/evening/night and everything. Cheers

Check out the full BHC Wheels Spring 15‘ line at your local skate store or direct from BHC webstore.

ALSO – Look out for the Remz Nils 1.5 skate coming soon…. 
Nils Jansons Remz 1.5

Nils Jansons Remz 1.5


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