Alex Burston BHC Pro Wheel

Really excited to be writing about this! So this weekend Alex’s first pro wheel dropped along with the new Spring 15′ clothing line from BHC Wheels.

Be-Mag have been covering everything Butston all Easter weekend with a blade check interview to picture of the day, check out the be-mag website for exclusive blade check interview.

Alex Burston Pro Wheel

Alex has grown from strength to strength with BHC over the years under the watchful eye of Mark Trebble, who saw his potential 10 years ago on the Alex’s first BHC tour. It seems like big things are ok the horizon for Alex after he finally receives his first signature wheel for the Black Hearted team. The 57mm wheel features the signature Burston Cheshire Cat with black/green BHC graphics and an Alice in Wonderland style tile print on the reverse. The wheel itself is constructed from an improved clear urethane, featuring a new larger reinforced core to provide a faster roll and eliminates wheel stretching! 

Check out the new Spring 15′ clothing line from BHC wheels featuring t-shirts, new 5 panels and more. Head over to the BHC webstore so Expect much more frequent things to come from the BHC Family – one of the strongest wheel brands out there. Watch out for the ‘Spring 15’ range hitting in stores now! 

BHC Wheels Spring Line

I’ll leave you with Alex’s section from the latest BHC Video -End Of The Line which you can still download here!

Follow BHC to see more from the team including exclusive rider photos and more updates:

UP NEXT….. BHC Nils Jansons –  Nils x Kills Pro Wheel…


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