Air Max Day

•    H  A  P  P  Y    A  I  R    M  A  X    D  A  Y    •

Air Max 90 Infra Leg Shot

March 26th marks the annual date for Nike’s celebration and dedication to the most iconic range of from the sportswear brand, the Air Max. ‘Air Max Day’ is a day which gives sneakerheads the world over the opportunity to show their love and pay homage the bubble family. This year marks the 2nd anniversary of the appreciation day and I just knew I’d have a hard time choose one just one pair; so I decided to get together with my mate (and sick photographer) ‘Creese Burger‘ (Chris Bergin) for a little lemony photoshoot with our Air Max’s!

Air Max Giggles

For the location I decided to keep it local in my favourite place in Manchester. Stockport is a large town full of the most random people, tracksuit bottoms, the best coffee, cultural heritage and beautiful architecture. It was Chris’s first visit to Stockport in years and as I took him down some of the hidden cobbled streets, up and down the endless hills and roof tops I could see the surprise in his eyes growing wider, Stockport is awesome!

Air Max Day

I’ve had an image in my head since the first time I went onto one particular rooftop, it overlooks the Stockport Viaduct with the famous pyramid poking through and the rest of South Manchester gleaming in the sunset distance, as you can see Chris nailed it! Also pretty glad I’m ballsy, some of these shots required me to climb and stand in some questionable places and get looks off the public like ‘DON’T JUMP’… Never the less we had a good few hours lurking around Stockport centre, got some great shots and finished at the pub for a nice pint with the sunset.

Air Max 90 Galaxy Jump Shot

Air Max 90 Staple

Air Max Day

Air max 1

Air Max 90 Custom

Air Max 90 Custon step

Thank you Mr Creese! Go check out Chris’s blog for more of his work.

Tag your photos #AIRMAXDAY and join the global celebration on Thursday!

Peace x


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