There is a wide range of skate bags out there each with their own unique designs and construction, personally I think some tend to have too many straps and look abit like hiking bags. I’m more of a tote bag and canvas rucksack kind of girl, so when I saw the new canvas skate backpack from Ground Control Frames I was pretty juiced I’d found a good sized, high quality skate bag that suits my style.

I think it’s hard to get a long lasting skate bag that has enough storage for skates, clothes and toys for trips but also can be lightweight for days out. I have one ‘big boy weekend’ skate bag, but it’s so big it looks like I’m going to the Himalayas when I go out for a day skating. The Ground Control canvas backpack can serve as a lightweight day-to-day bag or a weekend/tour bag – I fit 8 pairs of trainers in the main compartment today! Impressive….

The new Ground Control backpack is made from heavy durable black canvas with 5 pocket compartments including 2 x frame sized side pockets, a padded laptop compartment, phone pouch and skate holder straps. The bag also features metal zips, buckles and a waterproof base which aids the stability and durability. 

My favourite features are the little GC embroidery details, the comfortable air ventilation back system and the laptop compartment which will combine my skates, blogging and traveling! 

Get yours from your local skate shop like LocoSkates.com.

Thank you Ground Control!The GC Euorope Team are currently out on the streets of Barcelona filming for the next video, keep your eyes out for that, for now check the latest edit featuring the new BIG Frame.


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