Angle One is The first of 3 self produced EP’s from Manchester cat, Sparkz which dropped today! Known most recently for his work with The Mouse Outfit and Voodoo Black, Sparkz has always been one of my favourite Manchester MC’s. Coming through with a fresh solo sound, Angle One is something a bit different with that unique signature ‘Sparkz’ soundmark. If you like Hip-Hop and well produced music, listen on….


After listening to the first track, ‘Kno The Sound’ you can hear the dedication and time that has gone into this project mostly all by Sparkz himself, with a little help from Ellis Meade on the recording/vocal mix and Pete Canon on the instrumental master/mix, this EP has all the ingredients for a supreme recipe. 

Album art by Jody Hartley.

Download the EP now via bandcamp and follow Sparkz to stay up to date with the next release.

Kno The Sound (Produced by Sparkz)
Video shot by James Defty & Ellis Meade
Directed &n Edited by Ellis Meade

Room2 Records


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