Last weekend I ventured over to Laced Series at Rampworx, Liverpool – an annual date in any UK rollerbladers event calendar. A great time to catch up with friends and follow a sweaty competition with an Afterparty that’s always guaranteed to be ‘eventful’! 

It was nice to catch up with lovely Latvian photographer, Kristine Lacontra who is always smiling behind that lens. All photos in this post are from the Laced Series Album by Kristine, go check out the full album on facebook to see more.

I arrived at the park the earliest I’ve been there in about 6 years, had a good session with Jacky and Janna, was great to skate with old faces too. It’s probably the first time I’ve enjoyed skating Rampworx in a while too, flew around skating the course like a kid, the layout has something for everyone.

The vibes felt a bit different this year; fresh European faces and french 16 year olds doing spins over everything, but It was amazing! The girls event had a huge turnout, with impressive competition from all 17 riders. The heats were really sick with tricks being laced left right and centre! Absolutely smashed it with a tense final, and it was obvious the all French podium was well deserved from the ladies.

All the AMs and Pros turned out to give an exciting set of heats with another tense final with the likes of Steve Swain throwing down a disaster 540 Darkside A-O acid! Swain skated well and it was clear he’s been practicing at Rampworx to give an impressive run.

Danny Aldridge did a great job on the mic making sure everyone knew what was going down and bringing a fresh atmosphere to the crowd. It’s good to see the trade show still going strong too with stalls from BHC Wheels, SlapTap and Tri Apparel. 

No doubt the UrbanLines.Net Laced and Afterparty photos will be surfacing soon, Duncan always knows how to bring out the ‘best‘ in us at the parties…  I’m worried. 



  1. Steve Swain
  2. Antony Pottier
  3. Baudoin Yuma
  4. Roman Abrate
  5. Jan Ebbert
  6. Rob Pruett
  7. Jack Swindles
  8. Alex Burston
  9. Scott Quinny
  10. Elliott Stevens


  1. Nathan Robinson
  2. Evert Lubja
  3. Randy Zoller
  4. Matt Woods
  5. Anthony Chrisman
  6. Matty Vella
  7. Bob Scheer
  8. Dan Collins
  9. Tom Jowett
  10. Dan Hemsley


  1. Stephanie Richer
  2. Lisa-Mary Authie
  3. Manon Derrien
  4. Ursa Verbic
  5. Jacky Schrooten
  6. Lauren Christina


See you all next year! 


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