IMG_5384 If your a resident of Manchester and a fan of the 3 stripe I hope you didn’t miss Gary Aspen and his merry men that came through town a few weeks ago in the form of an exclusive Adidas Spezial exhibition on Dale St, Northern Quarter (and a party ofcorse).

I headed down one lunch time to check it out with my colleague and fellow sneaker fanatic Vicky and we were very impressed!IMG_5429

Hosting an astoundingcollection of Adidas sneakers which celebrates the evolution of Adidas and its culture.

Head over to Oi Polloi to see the Adidas Spezial Ardwick shoe which will be officially released mid-December. Oi Pollpoi will be stokcing 300 out of the 500 pairs due to be released!

See more pictures from the exhibition below…


IMG_5397 IMG_5399IMG_5426 IMG_5400IMG_5402IMG_5415IMG_5411 IMG_5417 IMG_5424 IMG_5405 IMG_5412

IMG_5421 IMG_5422


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