Shore Projects – The Gentleman’s (Or Woman’s) Watch…

So recently I was lucky enough to be picked as the winner for a instagram competition run by Shore Projects and received a beautiful watch and extra strap in today’s post!


For those who aren’t familiar with The sleek designs, here’s a quick bio on the company behind the style…

Shore Projects is a watch brand inspired by the
beauty and fun of the British seaside. Our ambition is to
create timeless, quality products that can be worn every day.

What I particularly love about these watches it that there’s so many interchangeable straps to choose from. There really is one for every occasion. I also adore the stylish subtle branding through the watches and straps, keepin’ it classy.

Being a monochrome kind of girl I went for the St. Ives with a black face, white accents and gold trimming. I also opted for the Black leather strap, but came with the default pea green St. Ives strap which I equally love! Think I’ve broken my monochrome streak… Thank you @Shore_Projects!


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