Inline at NASS 2014

Another year of NASS has passed and it has to be said that Joe Coyne and the Kingdom Magazine family pulled through with another amazing weekend of skating, catching up with old friends, making new ones and drinking… A lot!




The weather was scorching for most of the weekend apart from being pissed on during Saturday night for an hour or so. The skating was, as you would expect from NASS, amazing. Everyone pushed themselves and deserved everything they got – in particular Joe Atkinson’s crazy drop in from the spectators mezzanine is one to watch.

The Loco Skates Annual Beer Pong contest was one of my highlights of the weekend with model duet Elliot Stevens and Carson Starnes taking the pong throne.

Check out a few videos below focusing on the highlights of the rollerblading side of NASS.

Camera: Ed Inglis & Gareth Morton. Edited by Ed Inglis

Shot and edited by Jordan Maders

For those of you who haven’t seen the results:

1. CJ Wellsmore
2. 2. Alex Burston
3. Steve Swain
4. Joe Egan
5. Danny Aldridge
6. Jacob Juul
7. Leon Humphries

1. Jack Swindels
2. Conaire Skerritt
3. Carson Starnes
4. Dan Helmsley
5. Dan Collins
6. James Bower
7. Si Coburn
8. Rob Taylor

Dan Helmsley – Topsoul to drop

Pong Cruise / James Pong


See more pictures from Sam Cooper Photography

Big shouts to all – it was great to see everyone…. Til’ next year…


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