CRAZYWISE – Watch This.

Almost everyone is faced with mental illness problems in life whether it be in their own, or someone close to them. We should all be more aware and make a concious effort to BE AWARE of people and their lives. Mental health issues are often overlooked or brushed under the ‘crazy carpet’, this needs to stop! Just because a problem is not physical certainly does not mean it does not need addressing or at least acknowledged and help given where it is needed..


CRAZYWISE is a feature documentary exploring alternative treatments for mental illness directed by Phil Borges and Kevin Tomlinson. The documentary is centered around Adam, 29, a former wakeboard champion who struggles with his sanity following a psychotic break. Desperate and feeling shame from being labeled with a potential lifelong disease, Adam embraces meditation. Later, after revealing his mental diagnosis, Adam is turned away from future meditation retreats. He becomes homeless, alienated from his family and is living alone out of a friend’s car.

CRAZYWISE is currently 80% shot, including more than 35 interviews with respected psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, neurologists, journalists and anthropologists plus 50 hours of Adam’s story. Your contribution will also allow production to begin editing by October 2014 with the premiere of CRAZYWISE planned for spring of 2015.


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