Do A Backflip….

“Do a back flip” is probably the most rinsed question you hear at an outdoor skate park in the summer from the local yoots in TN’s. 18 year old Adam Miller from Iowa has been taking backflips to the next level which has earned his rightful nickname ‘back flip dude’!

Check out this crazy video of Miller back flipping off one skateboard, down a 6 set of stairs, then landing on another skateboard and rolling away! MENTAL!

The flip was done at Tony Hawk’s South Cali skate park which Tony describes as “part gymnastics, parkour, and skateboarding.” The video racked up nearly 2million views on Tony’s Ride Channel in less than 7 days!

“He tried it for a couple days and he kinda broke himself off … He goes hard, and he takes it … one after the other just slamming into the cement.”

Tony added … “Miller deserves all the attention he’s getting because “it’s hard to come up with something really brand new and different in skateboarding.”


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