Alex Burston x The Booted

Alex Burston was set loose in London for a week with Jon Lee, James Bower, Leon Humphries and the rest of the LDN crew last month…. what they made was pretty special!

Present by The Booted and filmed/edited by Jon Lee this edit sets the bars high for Alex’s next edit. I’m loving the old, rugged VHS feel to the video, works well with the gully tinted grey skies of London. Sick little cheeky clip from Mr Holsten Pills aka James Bower too! As always Alex is reppin’ Manchester music with Shotty Horroh’s OG Bobby Johnson Remix as the weapon of choice for the execution.

“Having met up with Alex when he was on tour with the Ground Control Team in Barcelona he approached me with an idea to do a short yet sweet little edit based in London. A couple weeks later, and he is crashing at the house, like a true champ. 

With the most chillest, yet professional approach to skating, Alex took to the dirty streets of the capital. 

Special thanks to Holsten Pils, and the piff for all the good times!” – Jon Lee

Looking forward to seeing more from the team over at The Booted – make sure you’re following them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with all things booted.




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