A record-breaking anti-advertising campaign hit the streets of the UK this week…. and it’s pretty epic!

A group of 38 international artists create 360 original artworks by replace adverts by major corporates such as McDonalds, CocaCola, H&M and Morrisons across 10 UK cities.

This weekend has seen the biggest ever unauthorised takeover of outdoor advertising, as part of  he rapidly growing “Brandalism” campaign against what activists have called the corporate take-over of public space. Around 360 adverts in 10 cities across the UK were replaced overnight with specially commissioned artworks by teams of anti-advertising activists. Themes addressed by the collective include austerity, human rights, debt, climate change, body image and fracking.


Brandalism first launched in July 2012, when around 40 billboards in five cities were replaced with anti-advertising artworks. Since then the Brandalism project has grown in ambition and scale. With the United Nations currently investigating the impact of advertising on human rights [1],  brandalism seeks to highlight the lack of control that communities have over their public space.


Bill Posters, one of the artists involved in Brandalism, said:

“This is a revolt against visual pollution. Advertising is key driver of a system which destroys our future to fulfil the demands of the present, aceaseless expansion of production and consumption. Communities are taking back control over their public spaces – expect many more actions like thisn in the near future.”



I’ve already seen a couple around Manchester, keep your eyes out for these in YOUR CITY…





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