Naturel – DOA

naturel-artist-jordanI recently discovered ‘Naturel‘ (Lawrence Atoigue) after trolling through instagram looking for original #SneakerArt content. I noticed he had over 53k followers which obviously caught my attention but as I started to scroll through his profile I fell in love with his simple cubism style and colours pallets.

The latest release from the DC based artist is The D.O.A. (Dead On Air) collection. The individual prints feature Jordan Cement 3′s, Cement 4′s & Concord 11′s. The main piece is some maxin’ relaxin’ skeleton looking like he’s just had a happy ending… surrounded by Jordans! The prints are available now and can only be purchased for the next 4 days!

naturel-doa-air-jordans-set-12x12-1xrun-02 naturel-doa-air-jordans-set-12x12-1xrun-03 naturel-doa-air-jordans-set-12x12-1xrun-04

If you also happen to have a spare $399 then I strongly advise investing in the Naturel x Spilled “DOA” (Dead On Air) Rug collaboration. Only 48 have been made and each are individually numbered to be sure to give you that ‘clusive’ feeling.




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