The Simpsons x Johnny Cupcakes


So everyone loves cake right, and who doesn’t like The Simpsons? How about both together…sounds like a winning combination right? World famous bakery Johnny Cupcakes thought so to, so much so that they just had to approach FOX to pull out a collaboration in time for The Simpsons 25th anniversary. 

The collection will consist of three oversized cupcake mix box’s each jam-packed with goodies designed around a different Simpsons character, Bart, Homer and Krusty The Clown. The contents of the box’s are unconfirmed at the moment but I do know the insides of the box’s won’t be sold separately! There will also be a limited run of t-shirts, hats and stickers available to coionside with this f*ckin’ awesome collaboration!

johnny cupcakes-simpsons johnny cupcakes-simpsons

The collection will be available from May 31st from any Johnny Cupcakes store or via their website…. I can’t wait that long! 


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