Ground Control – A Week In Barcelona

In March, I went to Barcelona to spend the last week of Alex’s 3 week Barca rampage with him and the GC boys, and it was siiiiick! Alex had already spent 2 weeks shreddin’ and bashed out his introductory edit to Loco Skates, spend time with Lomax, Steph, Sammy Brookfield, and Luke Thompson skating and filming, so what better way to top it off than a last week skating hard with the Ground Control boys (and his lady).


With a few new members, the Ground Control International Team spent a week tearing up the streets of sunny Barcelona to promote the all new innovative Featherlight 3 Maroon frame. The Entire trip was dope, skating everyday even with the rare few days of rain, there was always the undercover spots. The apartment was amazing, we were living like Kings! Kirill’s birthday also fell near the end of the trip so what better excuse for me to make more cake and have a party?! A couple of the London boys were also lurkin’ about which was sick, after all, what is a week with skates and booze in Barca without Mr. Holsten Pils, Nate lee and Billy-mother-fuckin-Doyle?! Big thank you to Alex and all the Ground Control boys, Lomax, Steph and ABCDA for giving me the best week haha. You guys inspire me, feelin’ blessed!



(Photos by David Montes Aldea and myself)

Edit shot and edited by Jonas Hansson
Riders: Scott Quinn, Alex Burston, Joe Atkinson, Kirill Galushko, Kare Lindberg, Elliott Stevens, Yuri Botelho, Mathias Silhan, Dre Powell and Keaton Newsom.



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