BHC – End Of The Line Premier Overview

As a kid, I remember watching BHC N4 and after seeing Al Jones and Hooi’s section I said to myself ‘I want to be a rollerblader’. 8 years later I was blessed to be spending the bank holiday in Bristol with the BHC family to celebrate the release of the long awaited BHC ‘End Of The Line’ video. It was an great weekend filled with good friends, amazing skating and alot of booze. The men behind the masterpiece, Mark Trebble & Albert Hooi, really pulled through on the delivery on the night with everything running smoothly.

The video was incredible with mind blowing sections from the whole team. As the 3D graphics at the beginning of  the video began to roll, I felt the excitement kick in as I realised I was about to watch 2-3 years worth of filming put into one epic video… BHC style. It’s hard to pick a favourite section and I still don’t think I can honestly say I have 1 favourite, but for me it’s always Albert Hooi, he inspired me to start skating as a kid and still does. It was also pretty special for me to see Alex Burston’s first full BHC section, he absolutely smashed it – made the wife proud.

Check out the short video Alex Burston has put together to show the vibes of the night, a few sneaky clips of the video and some jokes faces (including my brandy intoxicated mush, god bless Courvoisier).

Watch the full trailer and BUY THE VIDEO HERE FOR ONLY $8 and Support your UK skate scene!


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