A New Beginning…

The inspiration behind ‘What Lurks Inside?‘ was down to a day out on a sunny afternoon with 3 of my favourite people and best friends Alex Burston, Sammy Garland and Chris Barrett. I had an amazing day out adventuring around Stockport and documented our day to produce a short blog post. After some great feedback on the post, the words ‘what lurks inside’ kept (ironically) lurking around my brain for about a week after, until the penny dropped…. what does lurk inside my head?


After a few years of contributing to other blogs such as Big Eyes Little Soles and iLL Sessions, I’ve decided I need to make somewhere I can write about my own interests and give my readers abit of an insight into ‘What Lurks Inside’ my head. I will be primarily writing about my passions for urban adventures, action sports, fashion, trainers releases, art, interviews, store reviews etc.

If you would like to get involved in any projects please drop me an e-mail at: contact@whatlurksinside.com


Peace and love!



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